Blu-ray Disc Continues to Gain Momentum

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Blu-ray continues to gain momentum.

In Japan the associated free press recently released and article stating that for the months of October through December,  90% of Hi-Def players and discs were Blu-ray format.

Amazon seems to be trying to accelerate conversion by deeply discounting their “Top Drama Hits” on Blu-ray this week. source article

According to number from Nielson on the top 10 best selling hi-def discs, blu-ray has captured all top 10 spots and represents 85% of total hi-def disc sales.

He is some supporting info from the High Def Digest, that also supports the move to Blu-ray.

It looks like the momentum is continuing to gain since Warner Bros. announced their move to exclusive Blu-ray.

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Written by:  Brian G Fisher

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Hi Def Disc War over? | Blu-ray Replication and Duplication

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Blu-ray (BD-R, BD)

I just read another article which stated that Paramount may be moving exclusively to Blu-ray, following Warner Bros. decision on Jan 4 to back Blu-ray. Link

IF Paramount goes this direction, Blu-ray will be the clear winner in the Hi Def wars.

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Written by:  Brian G Fisher

Warner Bros. Entertainment Sways Industry to Blu-ray Disc

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Well, it looks like the industry is approaching a final decision on Blu-ray Disc versus HD-DVD. On Jan 4, 2008 Warner Bros. Entertainment (TWX) has announced that it will begin releasing High Definition titles exclusively on Blu-ray Disc format. source is business week

With Warner Bros. casting their vote, the industry is now decidedly approximately 70% in favor of the Blu-ray Disc format.

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Written by:  Brian G Fisher
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