Walmart to Go Exclusively to Blu-Ray

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According to, Walmart has just announced that they will be going to Blu-ray exclusively starting in June.

Just one more domino to fall.

As the industry solidifies around Blu-ray Disc, DVD Copycat is committed to accomodate the shift from our standard DVD Duplication in San Francisco to Blu-ray Disc Duplication and Replication.

Written by:  Brian G Fisher

Blu-ray Disc Momentum Update

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Heres just a few more indicators that the industry is solidifying on Blu-ray Disc.  After Warner Bros. started the cascade.

It looks like netflix has just announced they will be moving to Blu Ray Disc and dropping HD DVD.

Also, the most current sales data in this article is indicating that even with aggressive pricing for HD DVD players and Discs, the figures are moving pretty conclusively to Blu-Ray.

Also, there seems to be more conclusive evidence here by a reseach group that claims the Disc War will be over by 2009.

I have been following this very closely, as many of our Bay Area clients have been using High Def cameras and equipment, and would like to know what format to choose when they want to distribute their new Hi-Def projects.

Blu-Ray Disc Replication will become a prevalent in the very near future.  Now that the disc war is coming to an end, I suspect that within the next two years enough homes and businesses will have players to make Blu-ray disc a solid and viable solution to distribute Hi-def content.  Blu-Ray Disc Replication will be reliable first, and then will come the lower volume burnable solutions probably a year later.

Until then, distribution of Hi-def content by Disc will still be on conventional NTSC DVDs by DVD Duplication and DVD Replication.

Written by:  Brian G Fisher

Ensuring Timely DVD Duplication or Replication for your Project

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At DVD Copycat, we often receive time sensitive DVD Duplication or Replication orders. Sometimes we have to go through extraordinary efforts to make sure that our customers time requirements are met.

To make sure your DVD project is completed in a timely manner you should run down the following checklist.

1. Make sure you have your artwork for the DVD face and any packaging inserts that you may need ready. DVD Copycat has templates online here. When you use our templates we can easily integrate your artwork into our process for printing the DVD Discs and any inserts needed for your packaging. This will reduce confusion and make it easier to process your project.

2. Make sure you have a working master ready. Many times master authoring, compression and design takes longer than you would think. If you think you need to deliver your master to us on a Friday, plan to have it done on the Wednesday before. You will appreciate the extra two days of “cushion” if something goes wrong with your overnight compression, or if you find a last minute change in content.

3. Make sure we have your billing information. If we don’t have you in our card file and have some secured payment information(VISA, MC, AMEX for first time customers) then it will delay starting the job until we have that information.

4. Leave one extra day to make sure that you can see a sample or color match for your dvd duplication jobs. We can provide you with proofs so you can double check your color matching needs.

If you follow these 4 steps, I can assure you that at DVD Copycat, we will have no problem processing your order on time, reliably, and stress free.

Written by:  Brian G Fisher
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