DVD Copycat uses Genuine Amaray Boxes

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At DVD Copycat we only use the very highest quality cases for our DVD Duplication projects.  All of our DVD Duplications are placed in the original genuine Amaray Box by Nexpak, the US industry standard.

Genuine Amaray boxes are know to have a reliable locking mechanism so the discs wont fall out, and are made with very strong plastic, ….. not those flimsy cases the don’t close and bend.

We could get cheaper boxes at literally 1/3 the price of the genuine Amaray, but we chose to provide you with a solid, reliable product that will stand the test of time.

Written by:  Brian G Fisher

Professional Full Color CD, DVD, and BD Disc Printing for Short Run

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At DVD Copycat we provide the highest quality disc printing for short run CDs and DVDs (1-750 pcs).

If you’re looking for a way to create an impact with your DVDs or CDs, our full color offset quality printer cannot be beat.  We use Rimage 3 printers equivalent to 173 line screen quality print.  The highest quality print in the industry, and the image is transfered directly to the disc surface resulting in a glossy scratch and water proof image embedded right into the disc surface.

There is no higher quality CD or DVD print solution for low volume in the industry.

Call us and we will send you a sample print and you can judge for yourself.

415-929-1581 or Toll Free 1-866-210-8768

Written by:  Brian G Fisher

Gloss Stock DVD and CD Inserts for Low Volumes

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At DVD Copycat we use hard ink printers that provide a beautiful rich glossy finish to your DVD and CD inserts.

Even if you only need 50 copies of your project, with DVD Copycat you will get a  looking, glossy inserts for your project, just like we provide for our big professional runs.

Hard ink printers are also much more environmentally friendly than conventional short run printers so you can feel good about keeping the earth a little greener while having a great printed piece to give your CD or DVD a real professional POP!

Written by:  Brian G Fisher

Taiyo Yuden DVD-R and CD-R Quality

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We make sure your DVD or CD will play flawlessly every time.

At DVD Copycat we have chosen Taiyo Yuden as our supplier for our CD and DVD blank discs. Taiyo Yuden is widely know in the industry for their consistent performance as the best Blank Media manufacturer in the industry.

We carefully evaluated many vendors to determine what blank media supplier was considered the best overall. Time and time again the answer we recieved was Taiyo Yuden blank media.

Lowest error rates, highest compatibility, flawlessly consistent product that is always in spec.

Here are a few links to independent reports on media quality for you to judge for yourself.

Blank Media Quality Guide and FAQ

CD Media World CD-R EVAL


For more information regarding DVD Copycat and our CD, DVD and Blu-ray BD Duplication and manufaturing please look at our website or give us a call.

1-415-929-1581 or Toll Free at: 1-866-210-8768

Written by:  Brian G Fisher

Blu-ray (BD-R) burning, copying, duplication in San Francisco, Bay Area and California

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If you are in need of low volume Blu-ray(BD-R) burning / duplication, then look no further.

At DVD Copycat we can output your HiDef projects to Blu-Ray for your corporate or wedding needs.

Or if you just want high quality copies with superior looking professional offset printing let us know.

We strive to be the foremost quality supplier of CD, DVD, and now Blu-ray(BD) products in San Francisco, the Bay Area and California.

For more information contact us at 415-929-1581 or go to our website here at Blu-ray(BD) Duplication in San Francisco the Bay Area and California.

Written by:  Brian G Fisher

Blu-Ray (BD-R) Duplication in San Francisco

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At DVD Copycat, we are continuing to receive many Blu-Ray calls questions and projects. In this early stage we are currently providing basic Blu-ray compression and authoring and output to BD-R master and duplication.

For more information see our website here for Blu-Ray Duplication | BD Duplication or contact us at 415-929-1581.

Written by:  Brian G Fisher
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