DVD Duplication

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Often times we get the question “what is DVD Duplication, and what is the difference between DVD Duplication and DVD Replication”.

DVD Duplication is defined as the copying or burning of the contents of one DVD to multiple copies.  Depending on the blank media you use, the quality of the outcome can vary from very almost perfectly reliable to very poor results.  If you want quality results on your Duplication, it means that you have to spend the extra money to buy good blanks.  Its that simple and is the difference between happy customers and irate complainers.

The difference between Duplication and Replication is the manufacturing process.  Replication most often becomes more cost effective than Duplication at 1000 pcs.  In the DVD Replication process, a glass master is created, then a stamper is made from that master and is used to physically stamp the metallic layer on the disc.  Most of the cost is in the glass master and the setup, which can them be amortized over the cost of 1000 discs or more.  With Duplication the cost of the blank burnable media is fixed, so there is only so much cost reduction that can be achieved, which is typically only the amortized setup costs plus the blank media costs.

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Written by:  Brian G Fisher
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