Do it yourself DVD Duplication – DVD Burning

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Occasionally we receive requests to burn 1-5 DVDs for some of our clients.  This is usually a pretty expensive proposition since we have to setup art and a duplicator for just a few discs.

If you would like to save some money and do the DVD Duplication yourself, there are some steps that will result in a good duplication.

Step 1: is to make sure you have a good quality DVD burner.  If you have purchased a DVD burner that is a no-name brand, you may be jeopardizing a good burn.  You do get what you pay for in burners.  A good avenue would be to locate a technical consumer review of DVD burners.  The Internet has a long list of available research on burners.

Step 2: is to make sure you use good quality media.  Inferior media will result in poor results.  Once again you get what you pay for, Sony, Verbatim, Taiyo Yuden all make a reliable burnable DVD.

Step 3: Make sure you leave your computer alone while burning your DVD.  If you are using other programs while your DVD is burning, this may cause a problem with the burn.

Step 4:  Verify your burn!  Most burning software programs have a check box that will have the DVD read after the burn and compared to the original disc image.  If they match up ok, the software will tell you that your DVD has been verified and it is a good disc.

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Written by:  Brian G Fisher

Blu-ray Disc (BD) Duplication Costs Dropping

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Over the past year we have seen the cost of blank Blu-ray disc media come down pretty substantially. Within the last year, BD-R(burnable blu-ray) media costs have come down about 40%. This trend reminds me of DVD-R in 2000. I suspect over the next 2 years we will see BD-R costs drop enough to make publishing Hi-def video projects affordable to most video and film professionals.
We are not there yet, but with the most recent release of BD(Blu-ray) players being under $200, I suspect the market will begin to adopt much more quickly.
This Christmas Season will be very tell-tale for the Blu-ray Disc Industry.

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Written by:  Brian G Fisher

Blu-ray AACS Liscenscing Too Expensive, Preventing Growth

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Video and Film professionals who wish to shoot and publish their projects in Hi-Def have, to this point, been frustrated with the prohibitive costs associated with manufacturing a Blu-ray Disc.

Say an average filmmaker or video professional wants to make 1000 copies of their film and put it on Blu-ray(BD) Disc.   Unlike DVD, they will have to pay a mandatory up front AACS licensing fee.  Going rate is about $1500 to $2000 plus an ongoing royalty.

After paying this mandatory licensing fee, it will cost approximately $3.5 per unit to manufacture a Blu-ray package that is ready for distribution and sale.

For a typical standard definition DVD, there is no mandatory licensing fee for encryption and the cost would be approximately $1.49 per unit to manufacture.

Comparing these costs, a filmmaker  will have to pay an extra 266% over the cost of a standard DVD to publish on Blu-ray Disc.  Almost every client I have spoken to about these costs has declined to go Blu-ray.

As economies of scale take effect, the costs to manufacture Blu-ray Discs will likely come down and eventually be similar to DVD costs.  However, the real barrier to smaller companies adopting hi-def is the mandatory AACS licensing fee imposed by AACS Licensing Administrator, LLC.  This additional $1500-$2000 (plus per piece royalty), will likely be too expensive for most, and is just one more barrier to widespread adoption of Blu-ray Disc technology.

My hopes are that AACS Licensing Administrator, LLC. drops the mandatory licensing fee for smaller Blu-ray Disc orders.  If they do not, I suspect that an entire market of filmmakers and video professionals will be choosing DVD over Blu-ray Disc for the distribution of their projects.

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Written by:  Brian G Fisher

Burnable Blu-ray (BD-R) Duplication Prices Dropping

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Well there is some promising news for Blu-ray Duplication (BD-R Duplication).  In late 2007 When the first burnable Blu-ray discs came out blank disc costs were quite high.  For most industry professionals, releasing a small project in Hi-def on Blu-ray discs was completely cost prohibitive.  For quality printable surface BD-R discs the average cost to our client was around $60.  Over the course of the last year there has been dramatic drops in the cost of burnable Blu-ray discs.  We have seen cost come down for our top quality discs by 40%.

This is good news to the filmmaker or video professional who is shooting in Hi-def.   If the current trend continues Blu-ray Duplication for smaller runs of discs (5-500 discs) should come within a much more cost effective price range.

IF the current trend continues, we hope to see 2009 as the first year where an order of, say 50 Blu-ray discs, is financially justifiable for the high end projects, and anticipate widespread adoption in 2010.

At DVD Copycat, we are very encouraged by these cost reductions and continue to provide Blu-ray Duplication for a wide range of Hi-def video projects.

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Written by:  Brian G Fisher
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