Merry Christmas – Successfull Year for CD & DVD Duplication

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To all of DVD Copycat’s business associates!

During a time of financial difficultly, I am humbled to say that DVD Copycat Inc. has done very well this year. We continue to grow aggressively and I can’t emphasize enough my most sincere thank-you to all of our customers and suppliers that have made this year a success. Between our customers, suppliers, and DVD copycat we form more than just a business mechanism, but a community of Business Professionals, Film, Video and Music individuals. It is this community that brings us to work everyday. To help promote and provide for great CD, DVD and Blu-ray(BD) projects.
Thanks very much for our 2008. I look forward to 2009!
Brian Fisher

DVD Copycat Inc.

Written by:  Brian G Fisher

Tradeoffs between CD Duplication and CD Replication

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CD Duplication is copying or burning of Audio or Data CD or Disc Image onto blank CD-/+R or CD-/+RW.  The advantages to CD Duplication is that you can “burn” many fewer copies than CD Replication.  IF you only need 100 or 200 CDs, you can duplicate them much more cost effectively.  Quality is usually not an issue if you use a good printer and quality blank media.

Conversely, if you need more than 1000 CDs, it is much more cost effective to choose CD Replication.  CD Replication is a manufacturing process where a glass master and stamper is made to actually stamp the cd content into the Disc.  This has its advantages in that once the cost of the stamper and glass master have been created, you can realize significant cost saving over CD Duplication.

The detriment to CD Replication is that it usually takes more time to complete since the glass master and stamper process is much more elaborate that just burning or using CD Duplication.

If there are more questions out there regarding these two methods of making CDs, please dont hesitate to leave a comment or give us a call at 415.929.1581.

CD Duplication

Written by:  Brian G Fisher
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