Solving your Blu-ray(BD-R) Burning Problems

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So you thought Blu-ray burning was easy?

Below is a Brief Intro Video about Blu-ray and pro-sumer systems for authoring and burning BD-Rs(blu-ray discs).  This reminds me a lot of DVD in its start-up phase.  It was very difficult to find systems and software that are reliable.  The best way to get past the Blu-ray blues is to realize that developing BD discs is going to be challenging and most video professionals will have to work as a community to “debug” this industry.  At some point things will shake out and we should have some good pro-sumer systems for delivering hi-def video on Blu-ray discs.


Below are some links to forums and help pages that discuss and debug High Definition Video and Blu-ray(BD) burning and duplication.  I belong to many of these forums and post regularly.  I hope this will help you in your quest to put out a great high definition project on Blu-ray Disc.

One of my favorites that is very thorough is the have many good topics has a good hi-def forum has a good forum on Blu-ray burning, pc, drives media and sofware

Digital Video Forums has a Blu-ray Forum

If you need duplications of your project look at our services on Blu-ray(BD) Duplicaton Serices

Or you can always contact me directly at 415-929-1581 for questions on Blu-ray Duplication

Written by:  Brian G Fisher

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Written by:  Brian G Fisher

Blu-ray(BD) continues its march to adoption

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After CES this week the consensus from the Blu-ray bullish have continued to confirm adoption of this new Video Technology.
Despite the sagging economy, some in the industry are predicting a six fold increase in sales of Blu-ray(BD) discs and players.

I personally think that despite the online downloading potential in the coming years for Hi-def video, the general population likes to have something new and “gadgety” and fun to that they can possess. Blu-ray discs are seem to have a place in this gadget seeking behavior.

As more of the general population understand the benefits that Blu-ray offers, I believe the BD nay sayers will be surprised with the overall popularity and adoption of this new Video Format.

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Written by:  Brian G Fisher
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