DVD and CD Duplication Costs Dropping

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CD and DVD Duplication costs have been dropping pretty dramatically this year.  It seems like everyone in the industry was hit pretty hard in Jan 09, and that signaled a real warning shot of tougher times to come for the CD and DVD manufacturing industry as a whole.

Unfortunately, a knee jerk reaction to this economy has been for many of the leading CD and DVD manufacturers to drop prices quite quickly.  We have seen an average of about a 10-20% drop in many national packages.  I suspect that with such aggressive pricing, compounded with a stagnant or shrinking industry, there will be some shakeout.  We have been seeing used DVD and CD printing and manufacturing equipment auctioned fairly regularly at bargain prices.

At DVD copycat we continue to strive to provide excellent customer service and top quality manufacturing during this downturn.  We have seen sales increases in our Standard line of products that were released early this year to provide a lower cost alternative to our conventional premium line of CDs and DVDs.  Our clients are choosing price over quality, and I suspect this trend will continue until early 2010.

I do hope that there is a shift back to quality over price.  In the long run, my personal feeling are that quality will always pay bigger dividends in the long run, and that is why DVD Copycat will always be poised to provide quality over price.


Written by:  Brian G Fisher
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