Chosing Quality over Low Cost Pays Off

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At DVD Copycat we have always put our focus on quality over price.  We are always looking to improve our service level to our customers and provide the best possible quality products to service our clients needs.  Even in these tough economic times we have seen sales increases over last years numbers.

I strongly believe that choosing a quality model over price will always give the strongest long term benefits to both our clients and our bottom line.  When choosing price over quality, there is a cascade effect on all services and products.  You cannot provide both quality and low cost.

As I have developed this business we have chosen to try to avoid the “Low Cost Provider” business model.  It is my business philosophy to provide and instill trust, expertise and quality mindedness in our workforce and customer relationships.

I have chosen this philosophy because I have found with the “Low Cost Provider” model what eventually happens to a business is that customer service and commitment suffers. As margins are cut, so is quality of work staff, enthusiasm and moral.  Carelessness and poor work result.  I’ve seen this in our industry with many companies over the past 6 years.

At DVD Copycat, we try to maintain standards of service and expertise well above the industry norm.

My point to all this is that DVD Copycat is poised to add value to our clients.  We can chase down the things you need and make sure you a being taken care of beyond the lowest common denominator of cost.  That is what I have organized our business to do.

So when choosing to Replicate your DVDs, CDs or Blu-ray Disc, you can count on DVD Copycat to provide you with the best quality out there within a reasonable cost.

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Written by:  Brian G Fisher
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