How to Get the Text to Show on Your CD Master

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For music clients who want to make sure they have a top quality CD’s but have to do their own mastering, one of the biggest requests we get is how to make the CD Text show up on the duplications or replications. This step is usually done by the mastering house, however, if you are on a tight budget and have to do your mastering yourself then take a look at this tip.

To have this happen you need to find a program that will embed your metadata in your disc master. If you do some digging, you should be able to find freeware that will do this. First you have to create your asset file, ie your music track, you should be able to use freeware to add the Artists name, Track and Titles. Your duplicator or replicator should know if this data is present on your tracks.

Also, remember that programs like I tunes has their own meta system that will typically only show up on Apple products, if you put that CD in your car player, for example, you will not see the artists and titles as you would if the correct embedding is done.

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Written by:  Brian G Fisher
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