Blu-ray Disc Duplication Continues its Rise but still has some hurdles to overcome

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In the second half of 2010 we have been receiving more and more blu-ray duplication inquiries.  In the first half of the year, most blu-ray duplication inquiries were never closed on.  More often than not, the high cost of the discs was not the determining factor, it was getting the high def content onto the master to submit to us for duplication.  Most Video Professionals when faced with the task of getting their high def content onto a BD-R(burnable bluray disc) the get discouraged as the authoring software  is often glitchy, or difficult to work with.  Their only option is to move their project to a high end authoring suite or outsource the service to a Bluray authoring facility.  Most video professionals these days are so used to firing up their Mac and knocking out an easy DVD through DVD Studio Pro or IDVD, that they don’t realize that making the jump to Blu-ray authoring is much more time consuming, costly, and frustrating, so they don’t incorporate that learning curve into their high def budgets.  Consequently, when faced with the Blu-ray duplication option, they usually go back to standard def DVD to deliver to their clients.  Sometimes the cost of a Blu-ray burner alone is a major deciding factor.

I suspect that in one more year authoring systems will be much more robust and cost effective.  This will be the real key to seeing more Blu-ray duplication business.  We are seeing BD Duplication orders steadily rising this year and strongly suspect that delivering high def video on Blu-ray for the ordinary video or film maker is only about a year away from really starting and about 2-3 years to go mainstream.

Written by:  Brian G Fisher
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