How to Prepare your Art for CD DVD Bluray Manufacturing

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How to setup your artwork for CD/DVD/Blu-ray disc art printing

We are using Adobe Photoshop to demonstrate a way to setup your artwork on a cd, dvd, & blu-ray template. The same concept and directions can be used as a guideline for other templates on our site.

The following examples will show you how to setup your disc art so it is print/press ready.

1. Obtain the correct Template from our site.

 First Navigate to the Templates Page of our Site

The templates can be found on the templates page as shown in the picture.

cd dvd templates page

Download the template to your computer. You can download the template by right clicking on the template link. Choose “save target as…”, or “save link as…”. For this example, we’ll be using the DVD/Blu-Ray/CD Duplication Color Disc Face template. You can apply this process to all of the templates.

2. Opening the template in Photoshop

When you open the template in Photoshop, the first thing you will see is a screen to setup the resolution and printing specifications. The main thing to check is the resolution is at 300dpi, and that the color scheme is CMYK. Hit OK to continue,


3. Laying out your Artwork

When the template is open you can start to layout the artwork of your cd/dvd/blu-ray design. It’s a good idea to keep the template as 1st layer (Layer 1), this way you can see the outlines of the template.

As you layout your artwork, you should make sure the background is all the way to the outside bleed line. In the example below, We will apply a blue background to the disc. This has been filled in all the way to the outer edge and through the center.

The text, logos, and images should be placed within the inner margin of the template. This will make sure the final print does not get cut off in the print process. You can see in the example below that the text and artwork do not go outside of the inner margin.

The template needs to be “invisible” when you have completed the design. The first and simplest way is to UNCLICK the eye in the left box next to Layer 1, or your background layer. It is now invisible.

The second way is to drag the 1st layer (LAYER 1) to the bottom. Now all the layers you have added are now above the original template layer. This will ensure that only the crop marks of the template show. The image below shows the layers window with the template layer now at the bottom.

4. Saving your artwork

We recommended that you save the file as a HIGH RES PDF. This will ensure that the fonts will stay as they are.    To do this go to File, Save As, Select – Photoshop PDF from the drop down list of file types. Save the pdf so you are able to make change, by making sure the box is checked next to “ Preserve Photoshop Editing Capabilities”.  You may also want to save it as a .psd file so you can make other edits in the future.


These instructions should be helpful in getting your CD/DVD and Blu-Ray art work ready for your next project!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions at 1-866-210-8768 or email us at

Written by:  Brian G Fisher
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