DVD Copy Protection and CSS Encryption Explained

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With piracy and video downloads becoming ever more prevalent in the basic fabric of the Video Industry, Copy protection for DVD Video Content has become more and more important to may clients.

The process of getting copy protection on your Video DVD, however, can be confusing and frustrating if you do not understand the basics.

Below we have detailed some basics to help you understand copy protection as it applies to your DVD project.

Basic 1: The DVD must be replicated, not duplicated to apply CSS Encryption – CSS Encryption only works with Replicated DVDs.  Replicated DVDs are “pressed” DVDs that use a “Glass Master” and “Stamper”, to actually stamp out DVDs in poly carbonate.  Duplicated discs are “burned” discs using DVD burners like the one you have in your computer.  Typically the process of Replication starts at a minimum quantity of 500 DVDs(some companies will do 300, but the overall total cost for the project is about the same).  So the first thing you should be aware of is if you need less than 500 units you may not be able to get CSS encryption applied to your DVD unless your DVD manufacturer can replicated the discs at the quantity you need.

Basic # 2: How to Submit the Master for CSS Encryption – Most masters submitted for DVD Replication are submitted as DVD+/-R.  However, when we apply the CSS algorithm to the DVD, the master is required to be a DLT or DDP master.  The confusion often comes into play when authoring the DVD.  On many authoring systems, there is a check box to set the flag for CSS encryption on your master.  However, if you just export your master to DVDR, the extra information required to transmit the CSS Flag gets stripped away before getting on the master.  The only two masters that will hold the CSS Flag information is a DLT master or a DDP master.

What if you dont have the option to output to DLT or DDP? – At DVD Copycat we provide a service where we can convert your DVDR master to DDP for a one time fee.  This fee ranges from $300-450 depending on the number of layers on the master.  So if you do not have the hardware to output to DLT or DDP, we can provide a solution for you.

Basic #3: Extra Charges for Royalties – There is a one time fee of $150 for DVD Copycat to have the CSS encryption applied to your project.

There are also a few misconceptions when applying CSS that you will may hear from other replicators or DVD brokers.  Often they state that CSS is applied at the factory so there is no need to do any CSS master preparation.  It is true that CSS is applied at the factory, however, the only way to apply the CSS is to have a properly authored master with the CSS Check flag set.  There are no legal work-arounds to this requirement.

Overseas suppliers: In China there are very few factories that have CSS capability.  It is speculated that the cost to have this option is not justified in those factories.  We have seen different work-arounds from overseas suppliers, but if you want to do this legally, be sure to know your factory and make sure they hold an agreement with the controlling body of CSS.

If you have any other questions about DVD Copy protection and CSS Encryption, just give us a call at 866-210-8768 or email us at contact@dvdcopycat.com.

We are always eager to earn new clients and would like to help you finish off your project by providing you a super solid, high quality DVD.

This content is written by Brian Fisher of DVD Copycat.


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