Quality Data Loading for your Bulk Flash Drives

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Having a hard time finding a supplier that can load your data correctly onto your flash drives?

When you purchase custom printed flash drives as promotional items and want data loading on the drive, there are several factors that make quality, consistency and accuracy in your data loads difficult.

The fundamental reason printed and data loaded drives, often referred to as “Custom Flash Drives” or “Promotional Flash Drives” can be un-reliable is that the chips used in many of these drives are purchased as a commodity from various sources worldwide.  A flash drive fundamentally operates through the marriage of 2 chips, the IC controller chip and the NAND memory Chip.  Once a flash drive is inserted into a computer, or smartphone, the IC controller chip performs the function of interfacing the computer with the NAND memory.  The IC controller “sees” the computer and allows the user to access the NAND memory chip.

Many companies that source custom printed and/or data loaded flash drives also source other promotional items through a large network of companies.  Most electronics of this fashion are sourced from a myriad of factories in China.  Often these companies are cost driven and know very little about what they are buying.  Low grade IC and NAND chips can be used with very little ability of the buyer to determine the quality grade of these chips and hence, the poor quality flash drives that work poorly have data loss, or have a high percentage of failure rates.

The only real way to control the purchase and sale of these chips is to have Domestic inspection and technological know-how on site in the United States.  Most complaints we here about are: failed and non-working drives, drives that have been made to look like larger capacity than they are, return policies that took months to receive warranty replacements from the factories in China.

This is why we have onsite technical expertise in our San Francisco facility.  We do most of our data loading in San Francisco and have on staff technicians that can reprogram faulty or defective drives at the IC controller level.  This way we avoid having to rely on engineers overseas that cannot prioritize our projects.  Also avoiding the long shipping cycle of having to send back units and have them reprogrammed in China.

Having this expertise and control over our own products gives us rapid response in the USA to address any problems or issues and gives us control over our products.

If you want it done well, and done right, contact us to purchase your next group of custom or promotional flash drives with data loads.  Call our flash drive experts here: 1-866-210-8768




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