The benefits of printed pockets and wallets for DVD or CD projects

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Choosing the right packaging for your DVD or CD project can be difficult. With so many options out there – including the more traditional DVD amaray and CD jewel cases – one could find themselves overwhelmed deciding what to place their duplication or replication project in.

Printed pockets and wallets have emerged in recent years as the go-to for eco-friendly, affordable and efficient packaging for CDs and DVDs alike. As an alternative to plastic jewel cases and DVD boxes, pockets and wallets don’t run this risk of cracking or shattering during transit or movement like traditional plastic cases.

Artwork printing onto pockets and wallets are completely customizable with electronic templates as well, and the finished texture makes an impression with a paper coat that lacks the light glare that many plastic cases reflect.

Electronic templates make placement of custom artwork simple and easily finetunable. No matter how much artwork needs to go on the packaging, pockets and wallets from 2-panel up to 8-panel are all available and carry the same eco-friendly and contemporary feel.

The Bay Area experts at DVD Copycat are well-versed in producing high quality custom packaging for DVD and CD discs. For help with your custom project, contact DVD Copycat at (866) 210-8768 or

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