Showing CD Audio Text for CD Replication

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Getting your CD’s Track names and  to show on the CD player is often a confusing topic.  There are two different ways this can be achieved, but only one will work for both computers and stand alone boom box or car CD player.  The other way will only work on devices that have access to the internet.

The best way to make sure the track names show on your CD is to use a CD TOC or Table of Contents.  This TOC must be created and properly embedded into your CD by your audio engineer.  What gets confusing is that you can accomplish getting your track names to appear on your CD by also using I Tunes or similar program and submitting your track names to the CDDB or Grace-note database.  This solution only works, however, if you have an internet connection which can access the Grace-note database and download the track names to your player.  So without internet connection, all you will see is “Track 1”, “Track 2”, etc. on your player.

To make things a little more complicated, there is also additional information called ISRC(International Standard Recording Code) codes that can be used as a “digital fingerprint” as a unique identifier for your particular audio track.  You can get these codes by contacting and applying for them.  These codes also must be embedded by your audio engineer and are primarily used to identify your song for online purchase or general identification.

In short, getting your CD Text to show is not as easy as you might think, but with the right advice and audio expert you can cover all of your bases.

ISRC Codes, TOC(CD Table of Contents) and Gracenote or CDDB database must all be considered to make sure your CDs content is traceable and identifiable and that the CD Text shows on all players.

After you have finished all of these steps, you are then ready for your CD Replication or CD Duplication Job.

Written by:  Brian G Fisher

CD Duplication of Copyright Protected Music

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We get several calls a month asking DVD Copycat to duplication compiliation CDs for Wedding, events, etc with copyright music on them.  In all circumstances we have to turn these jobs away.  Whether you are using these copies for personal use or for giveaways, it is illegal to copy any music that has been copywritten.  The only way to legally do this is to contact the copywrite holder and get written permission to copy their material.

Secondly, many people ask if they sign a waiver that exempts us from liability, can we make the duplications for them.  Again this is another work around, but still just as illegal and is something that we cannot do.

Plain and simple, you should not be attempting to make multiple copies of any music that has a copywrite without express written consent of the copyright holder.

If you need more information regarding this topic please don’t hesitate to call us or write.

Written by:  Brian G Fisher

for CD Replication Jewel Cases are out, printed pockets are in!

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At DVD Copycat we used to sell lots and lots of standard CDs in jewel cases.  You remember, we all had our library cases of hundreds of CDs in those little plastic boxes with a front booklet and a tray card.

I am sure you know what I am going to say next.  With the advent of digital content and sharing for music, like napster, itunes and the like, physical CD sales have dropped quite dramatically over the good old days of CDs manufacturing.  However, there is another change that is transforming the music CD manufacturing world.  Most clients now a days prefer printed cardboard pockets or fold out cardboard wallets.  There are several advantages to this packaging over the old jewel cases.

Advantage #1:  They are more eco friendly – this packaging uses all biodegradable paper and inks, unlike the plastic jewel cases that will be around for the next 1000 years in some landfill.

Advantage #2: No breaking – since the pacakging is all cardboard, there is no potential for getting a cracked case.

Advantage #3: Shipping is about 1/2 the weight of jewel cases, so if you are spending $110 to ship your5 boxes at 180 lbs of 1000 CDs across the country in jewel cases, now you can ship two boxes at 35 lbs apiece and only pay $65.  They also travel much better in suitcases(a great advantage to the traveling band).

Given all of these benefits, and really no detriments, I am surprised that the industry has not moved this way may years ago.  It is a very good thing that more and more people are thinking “green” and getting some additional benefits for their intentions.

If you have any more questions about our CD Duplication and Replication products, give us a holler at: 1-866-210-8768 or email me at  I would be happy to discuss more.

Written by:  Brian G Fisher

How to Get the Text to Show on Your CD Master

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For music clients who want to make sure they have a top quality CD’s but have to do their own mastering, one of the biggest requests we get is how to make the CD Text show up on the duplications or replications. This step is usually done by the mastering house, however, if you are on a tight budget and have to do your mastering yourself then take a look at this tip.

To have this happen you need to find a program that will embed your metadata in your disc master. If you do some digging, you should be able to find freeware that will do this. First you have to create your asset file, ie your music track, you should be able to use freeware to add the Artists name, Track and Titles. Your duplicator or replicator should know if this data is present on your tracks.

Also, remember that programs like I tunes has their own meta system that will typically only show up on Apple products, if you put that CD in your car player, for example, you will not see the artists and titles as you would if the correct embedding is done.

If you need more information about this subject, please give us a call or contact via email. You can get all of our information on our website here.

Written by:  Brian G Fisher

Continued Price Pressure Will not Compromise CD and DVD Quality

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This has been a very interesting year so far for DVD Copycat. In Jan of 09, we saw one of the worst months we have ever had. This seemed to be an industry wide experience as clients unsure of the economic downturn had a wait and see approach for new budgets in 09. After that things picked up to a reasonable level as the Industry Giants started promoting very agressive price reductions. Our current challenge has been how to continue our high level of service while going through the pains of shrinking margins. We are steadfastly commited to the quality of our DVD and CD Duplication and Replication products and even more commited to maintaining our level of customer service. Personalized service is just words these days in marketing campaigns. Our goal is to be able to provide a level of service that makes a genuine positive impact on our client base. Over the second quarter of 09 DVD Copycat has seen some good growth which I believe is a good indicator that service and attention is still valued, even in this economy.
Our pledge to our customer base is to alway preserve our standards of quality to make a positive impact on their projects while trying to stay within reasonable industry norms for pricing on DVD, CD and Blu-ray Replication and Duplication.

For More Information take a look at our website here optical disc manufacturing.
Or give us a call at 1-866-210-8768

Written by:  Brian G Fisher

Burn a Reliable Audio CD-R

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There are a couple of simple things to remember and implement when burning an audio CD.  The first is to alway use good blank CD-R media.  You usually get what you pay for, so buck up for some good media.  Sony, Verbatim, Taiyo Yuden, are three of the best.

Secondly, most people don’t know this, but when you burn an audio CD there is no self correction to the data writing.  This means that you have to be careful not to burn your discs while you have too many applications running.  Other applications will eat up memory and potentially cause a hiccup in you disc.  Also, you should burn your discs at 16X.  If you burn them at the default 48X or 52X you may burn them faster, but you run the risk of having a data error on you disc.

Following these simple steps should ensure that you have a robust, quality CD to play time and time again.

If you need more information on CD Duplication or DVD Duplication Services give us a call at:

DVD Copycat

300 Broadway, #23

San Francisco, CA 94133



Written by:  Brian G Fisher

Welcome to our DVD, CD, BD Video Blog

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Written by:  Brian G Fisher

Merry Christmas – Successfull Year for CD & DVD Duplication

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To all of DVD Copycat’s business associates!

During a time of financial difficultly, I am humbled to say that DVD Copycat Inc. has done very well this year. We continue to grow aggressively and I can’t emphasize enough my most sincere thank-you to all of our customers and suppliers that have made this year a success. Between our customers, suppliers, and DVD copycat we form more than just a business mechanism, but a community of Business Professionals, Film, Video and Music individuals. It is this community that brings us to work everyday. To help promote and provide for great CD, DVD and Blu-ray(BD) projects.
Thanks very much for our 2008. I look forward to 2009!
Brian Fisher

DVD Copycat Inc.

Written by:  Brian G Fisher

Tradeoffs between CD Duplication and CD Replication

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CD Duplication is copying or burning of Audio or Data CD or Disc Image onto blank CD-/+R or CD-/+RW.  The advantages to CD Duplication is that you can “burn” many fewer copies than CD Replication.  IF you only need 100 or 200 CDs, you can duplicate them much more cost effectively.  Quality is usually not an issue if you use a good printer and quality blank media.

Conversely, if you need more than 1000 CDs, it is much more cost effective to choose CD Replication.  CD Replication is a manufacturing process where a glass master and stamper is made to actually stamp the cd content into the Disc.  This has its advantages in that once the cost of the stamper and glass master have been created, you can realize significant cost saving over CD Duplication.

The detriment to CD Replication is that it usually takes more time to complete since the glass master and stamper process is much more elaborate that just burning or using CD Duplication.

If there are more questions out there regarding these two methods of making CDs, please dont hesitate to leave a comment or give us a call at 415.929.1581.

CD Duplication

Written by:  Brian G Fisher

Keys to Successful CD and DVD Duplication and Replication

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So you have finished all the hard work of having your CD or DVD mastered and readied for production. Finally you are ready to have copies manufactured and can’t wait to sell and distribute this project you worked so hard on.

In our business as a DVD and CD Duplication and Replication house, there are a couple of simple preparations that will make your task of getting your project manufactured easier and less costly.

1. Preparation of your artwork – Most CD/DVD manufactures have specific art requirements for the disc and insert printing for your project. Be sure to look into these requirement and follow them to the letter. Changes in artwork always slow things down and usually cost design time and money. Most duplication houses have templates available online for your specific project.

2. Use good media to burn your master disc – sometimes there can be problems with cd and dvd masters when they are burned. Particularly when you use cheap blank discs. Always get a brand name disc to avoid poor master quality.

Incomplete art and bad masters represent 90% of the delays when it comes to DVD and CD Duplication and Replication.  So, take the extra time up front to make your art and master flawless, and things will go much more smoothly. In the end you will be happy you did.

Brian G Fisher
DVD Copycat Inc.


Written by:  Brian G Fisher
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