Blu-ray and DVD Audio Disc Authoring

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Desire for high quality audio is as strong as ever, and a growing market for audio-only discs in DVD and Blu-ray format is furthering that demand.

Utilizing 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound technology, audio-only DVD and Blu-ray discs respectively are an audiophiles dream, with audio quality capable of up to 96kHz/24bit quality.

DVD audio discs have been around for several years now, with classics like Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” and the Eagles’ “Hotel California” being released on the high quality DVD audio format.

But with the increase of Blu-ray technology usage and the availability of 7.1 surround sound on Blu-ray, Blu-ray audio only discs have emerged as a contender among audiophile choices for listening to music.

Artists have utilized the Blu-ray audio medium for many releases already, like Led Zeppelin’s “Celebration Day” live concert, Stevie Wonder’s “Song in the Key of Life” and Beethoven symphonies.

Universal Music Group is planning to release hundreds of titles in the Blu-ray audio format by the end of 2014, and many artists are including a Blu-ray or DVD audio only version of their albums in remaster packages and box sets.

The professionals at DVD Copycat are experienced at authoring and producing DVD and Blu-ray audio discs of the highest quality. Visit our website to learn more about Blu-ray and DVD authoring, or contact one of our experts at 866-210-8768 or email to begin building your project today.

DVD Stamper and Molding Manufacturing Process

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Here is a short video of the DVD Stamping and Molding Process

Online Ordering of CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs

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Digital Copycat recently released our new Online Quoting System. Consumers and businesses alike have become more comfortable with the security of paying for goods and services online. We recognize this trend and have developed a new online product browsing and ordering system.

Our goal was to make it easier and more convenient for customers and potential new clients to find the style or type of DVD, CD or Blu-ray product and to purchase it online. We still offer the same great customer service when you need us, however, if it’s off hours or you just know what you want, you can now place your order without the help of an account manager with ease.

Please take a look at our new Quote System and let us know how you like it.  Your feedback is greatly appreciated as we are always looking for ways to make your experience easier.

If you cannot find what you need on our web site and have a need for any CD, DVD, or Blu-ray products, please contact us here or just call us at 1-866-210-8768.

DVD-R & CD-R Printing in the San Francisco Bay Area

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If you have a need for CD-R or DVD-R products but your content that is constantly changing, we have a very popular solution for you. In many cases a very cost effective solution is to buy bulk printed DVD-Rs or CD-Rs.
We provide an extremely high quality print onto the surface of our premium or standard DVD-Rs or CD-Rs. When you want to change your content, you can just burn your own disc and still have a provisionally printed result.
This solution is best for data, or any other type of CD or DVD product that will change rapidly.

Movie directors and producers who are doing final edits.
Data that is periodically updated and distributed.
Medical CD-Rs and Medical DVD-Rs that are distributed to patients.
“Screeners” for movies where you can change your edit and content to tailor to your audience.

All of these uses are very common and cost effective for printed blank DVD-Rs and CD-Rs.

If you have a need for any CD, DVD, or Blu-ray products, please contact us here or just call us at 1-866-210-8768.

If you need help with your DVD or Blu-ray Authoring or Design Work we do that too!

Data Verified DVD and CD Duplication and copying

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A little know fact about cd and dvd duplication is that when a duplicator burns copies of your disc, they normally do not verify that the data has been properly burned onto the disc.
The normal procedure is to check that the master disc or data is correct, then the data is burned onto the disc. For most applications this usually suffices, as the dropout rate for poorly burned discs is usually less than 1/10 of a percent. As long as your duplicator uses good blank media, your project should be trouble free.

However, for software or data critical discs, the need for a much higher degree of accuracy is required. For these applications and clients we typically run a verify on every disc. What does this mean? When we run a verify on every disc, our equipment is set to record the master data, then write the data to the disc. Normally this is the end of the process, however, for a verify, our equipment keeps an image of the data being burned on a hard drive, then instructs the burners to read the data that has just been burned on the disc. It then does a low level bit for bit comparison of every disc sector against the hard drive data image to ensure that the data has been accurately burned onto the disc.

For clients who need 100% confidence that their delivered discs will be accurate, this data verify process is unbeatable. Always keep in mind that burned discs use an organic dye to store the data and that it will degrade in time. So if your duplicator uses cheap discs that are out of spec, the initial burn may be ok, but 6 months or a year later, the dye can degrade to the point of making the data unreadable. So make sure your duplicator can provide evidence that they are using high quality blanks along with there data verification process.

Dual Layer DVD Duplication | DVD-DL

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A standard DVD-R holds approximately 4.4GB of data.  When there is an need for a larger capacity DVD at low quantities, clients typically choose DVD-DL.  DVD-DL is a dual layer burnable DVD that can hold approximately 8.5GB of data or video content.  DL discs have continually been used more and more widely.  We see many clients using this disc when they need quantities of 25-400 units.  Short run software applications, data updates, and full length movies with run times past 2 hours are most of the clients we see ordering DVD-DL.  Once we get to 500 units, we can justify the cost to replicate, or “press” these discs.  These discs are called DVD9.

Cost and Compatibility of DVD-DL: DVD-DL is that the cost is typically about $2 more expensive per disc than standard DVD-R and in some instances, the compatibility of DVD-DL with players can be finicky for video.  This higher cost is typically lower than the cost of making 2 standard DVD so in that circumstance, the DL disc will provide you with some cost saving.

Compatibility for Data application has become less of an issue as most DVD drives now are designed to recognize this format.  Set top DVD Video players also are designed to recognize this format, but the manufactures were slower to adopt, and this why DVD-DL will not play in some older players.

Overall, though, DVD-DL has its niche and fills a void when more data is needed, but quantity is low.  It is a good solution when you do not want to split up a project and put it on 2 standard DVD-Rs.

At DVD Copycat we only source the very best blank DVD-DL media we can find so the quality and compatibility is maximized.

If you have more questions about Dual Layer DVD Duplication, DVD-DL, or would like to place an order, just contact us and we would be happy to quote you and get to work for you and deliver a great product.

DVD Copy Protection and CSS Encryption Explained

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With piracy and video downloads becoming ever more prevalent in the basic fabric of the Video Industry, Copy protection for DVD Video Content has become more and more important to may clients.

The process of getting copy protection on your Video DVD, however, can be confusing and frustrating if you do not understand the basics.

Below we have detailed some basics to help you understand copy protection as it applies to your DVD project.

Basic 1: The DVD must be replicated, not duplicated to apply CSS Encryption – CSS Encryption only works with Replicated DVDs.  Replicated DVDs are “pressed” DVDs that use a “Glass Master” and “Stamper”, to actually stamp out DVDs in poly carbonate.  Duplicated discs are “burned” discs using DVD burners like the one you have in your computer.  Typically the process of Replication starts at a minimum quantity of 500 DVDs(some companies will do 300, but the overall total cost for the project is about the same).  So the first thing you should be aware of is if you need less than 500 units you may not be able to get CSS encryption applied to your DVD unless your DVD manufacturer can replicated the discs at the quantity you need.

Basic # 2: How to Submit the Master for CSS Encryption – Most masters submitted for DVD Replication are submitted as DVD+/-R.  However, when we apply the CSS algorithm to the DVD, the master is required to be a DLT or DDP master.  The confusion often comes into play when authoring the DVD.  On many authoring systems, there is a check box to set the flag for CSS encryption on your master.  However, if you just export your master to DVDR, the extra information required to transmit the CSS Flag gets stripped away before getting on the master.  The only two masters that will hold the CSS Flag information is a DLT master or a DDP master.

What if you dont have the option to output to DLT or DDP? – At DVD Copycat we provide a service where we can convert your DVDR master to DDP for a one time fee.  This fee ranges from $300-450 depending on the number of layers on the master.  So if you do not have the hardware to output to DLT or DDP, we can provide a solution for you.

Basic #3: Extra Charges for Royalties – There is a one time fee of $150 for DVD Copycat to have the CSS encryption applied to your project.

There are also a few misconceptions when applying CSS that you will may hear from other replicators or DVD brokers.  Often they state that CSS is applied at the factory so there is no need to do any CSS master preparation.  It is true that CSS is applied at the factory, however, the only way to apply the CSS is to have a properly authored master with the CSS Check flag set.  There are no legal work-arounds to this requirement.

Overseas suppliers: In China there are very few factories that have CSS capability.  It is speculated that the cost to have this option is not justified in those factories.  We have seen different work-arounds from overseas suppliers, but if you want to do this legally, be sure to know your factory and make sure they hold an agreement with the controlling body of CSS.

If you have any other questions about DVD Copy protection and CSS Encryption, just give us a call at 866-210-8768 or email us at

We are always eager to earn new clients and would like to help you finish off your project by providing you a super solid, high quality DVD.

This content is written by Brian Fisher of DVD Copycat.


DVD Copycat to Introduce New Website

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We are quickly approaching the release of our new website.  For the last 2-3 years, we have wanted to revamp our website but have focused on other marketing efforts.  However, our new website nearing completion and is scheduled to be released in late July and will have a much wider selection of product options than our current site.  We have also added USB flash drives to our product mix and the overall site has a much more contemporary look and feel.

We will now be focusing all of our manufacturing efforts on USB Flash Drives, DVD duplication and Replication, CD Duplication and Replication and Blu-ray Duplication and Replication services.  We could not be happier with the current progress of this considerable effort.

New to the site will be the ability to place an order online via e-commerce along with an additional 25% more products and many more pricing options and turn times.  If you have any questions about our transition to the new site, or have comments about the new look, please let us know.  We would love to hear from you.

Written by:  Brian G Fisher

PAL vs NTSC DVD Basics

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For DVDs, there are two world wide standards that are followed for the video formatting of a DVD.  NTSC and PAL are these two standards.

There are a few distinctions between PAL DVDs and NTSC DVDs.

NTSC DVDs have a frame rate of 29.97 frames per second and have a screen resolutions of  720 X 480.  NTSC is the more widely used and accepted format for DVDs.

PAL DVDs have a frame rate of 25 frames per second and have a screen resolution of 720 X 576.  All PAL DVD players can also play NTSC DVDs, however, the converse is not true.  Most NTSC DVD players cannot play PAL DVDs.

It is for this reason that the best format choice to distribute your DVD project would be NTSC.

Most authoring platforms will author both NTSC and PAL DVDs, however, it is very difficult to convert one to the other once the format has been chosen.  The reasoning behind this is that the vertical resolution of an NTSC to PAL comparison is 480 to 576, so if conversion was to occur between the two formats, there would be some vertical squeezing or stretching of the video depending on which way the conversion went.  So you end up with people and objects that either look unusually tall or unusually short, or you will have to cut of some of the screen, all are un-natural looks.

So if you are deciding whether to create a project in PAL vs NTSC, your best bet is to shoot, edit and author all in the same format.  Mixing format, example: shooting in PAL and editing and authoring in NTSC will still result in a skewed perspective.

So know your format, your target audience, and choose accordingly.

If you have questions and would like to inquire about our DVD Authoring Services, Contact us today.  We would be happy to provide you with a great finished product.

Contact DVD Copycat

Written by:  Brian G Fisher

How To Prepare your master for Duplication or Replication

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Data integrity is always the most important factor when considering the delivery method of your CD, DVD or Blu-ray master.  Below I will outline some simple tips to make sure your  master is ready and your content produces great duplications or replications that are on time.

DVD Masters:

The Basics :

DVD Masters need to be submitted as an authored DVD.  This means that if you have been through editing, you need to get your edited project on an authoring platform and create your menus, compression, and final DVD.  Some common authoring platforms are: DVD Studio Pro, iDVD, Sonic Scenarist, Nero, Adobe Encore.  If you are not sure that you have authored your DVD just give us a call and we should be able to determine the state of your project.

Once your project is complete and you have an authored master, in most circumstances we recommend that you submit a fully working DVD-R master that you have thoroughly watched, have checked all menu functionality and are completely satisfied with the quality of your final master.  Once we receive your master we guarantee to give you exact copies of your project back, so be sure you are happy with your master before you end up with 2000 discs you don’t like or cannot use.

Electronic Submission of DVD Master:

Some times we have clients that would like to save a day or two of snail mail and submit their DVD disc image master electronically.  We typically discourage this as in most circumstances we would charge to create the DVD master from a disc image, then, to insure the content and integrity of the master, would typically send that master disc back to our client for final approval on the master.  Ultimately this would result in longer approval time.  The best way to ensure we do a great job on your project is to submit a hard master that has been thoroughly checked for functionality and quality.

The only caveat to this method of master delivery is if you would like CSS copy protection on your DVD video.  In this circumstance, you will need to submit your master as either a DDP master or a DLT master.

CD Masters:

CD Audio Master Basics :

For submitting CD Audio masters, the best standard to submit you master under is the “Red Book Audio Standard”.  Particularly when replicating your disc, if you want your audio to be flawless and manufacturing to go smooth.  If you would like to address things like having the text show up on your CD, embedded metadata and ISRC codes, look up the Red Book Audio Standards, have your music mastered at a credible mastering studio with an experienced audio engineer.

If you are working on a budget and cannot afford an audio engineer, you can create you master with any number of commercially available audio programs.  This method is often very successful, particularly if you have limited requirements for you CD,…ie. do not need CD text to show, do not need metadata or ISRC codes embedded in your music.

Electronic Submission of CD Master:

On occasion we do receive requests from clients who would like to upload their tracks to us and have DVD Copycat create the master.  Again, we usually recommend that you submit a hard copy CD-R master according to Red Book Audio standards.  If you would like us to assemble your master, we can drop your tracks on a CD, but this often times is problematic, as mistakes can be made or preferences can be set not according to the expectations of our clients.  ie, time between tracks is to long or short, track order is not correct, etc.  For these reasons, when we do create audio masters, we do send that master back to the client for approval before manufacturing.

Data CDs and CD-ROMs:

In most circumstances Data CDs and CD-ROMs must be submitted as a hard master on CD-R.  Data CDs can often have auto executable files or complex software  applications, or too many files to accurately transfer over the internet.  So when submitting this type of master, we recommend sending us a fully functional CD-R.  In some circumstances we will create a master for you, but in this exception we will need to send you a copy of the master we created for your approval.

Written by:  Brian G Fisher
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