Blu-ray Adoption and Duplication needs continue to rise

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To Bluray or not to Bluray? That is the question.

Since 2008 both the entertainment industry and the data industry have been watching the general trends of blu-ray disc sales. The consistent question is how fast is the adoption of bluray progressing.

Commercial Blu-ray Disc Movies adoption rate :
Here there are a few things to consider. Back in the VHS days, the quality jump to DVD was a slam dunk to make DVD the next video format of choice. It was clear that this smaller disc with higher quality and no quality degradation was a superior product to magnetic tape, hence the rapid adoption of DVD and the rapid decline of VHS.

DVD to Blu-ray adoption is a little different but still showing surprising statistics: Read the rest of this entry »

DVD Copy Protection and CSS Encryption Explained

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With piracy and video downloads becoming ever more prevalent in the basic fabric of the Video Industry, Copy protection for DVD Video Content has become more and more important to may clients.

The process of getting copy protection on your Video DVD, however, can be confusing and frustrating if you do not understand the basics.

Below we have detailed some basics to help you understand copy protection as it applies to your DVD project.

Basic 1: The DVD must be replicated, not duplicated to apply CSS Encryption – CSS Encryption only works with Replicated DVDs.  Replicated DVDs are “pressed” DVDs that use a “Glass Master” and “Stamper”, to actually stamp out DVDs in poly carbonate.  Duplicated discs are “burned” discs using DVD burners like the one you have in your computer.  Typically the process of Replication starts at a minimum quantity of 500 DVDs(some companies will do 300, but the overall total cost for the project is about the same).  So the first thing you should be aware of is if you need less than 500 units you may not be able to get CSS encryption applied to your DVD unless your DVD manufacturer can replicated the discs at the quantity you need.

Basic # 2: How to Submit the Master for CSS Encryption – Most masters submitted for DVD Replication are submitted as DVD+/-R.  However, when we apply the CSS algorithm to the DVD, the master is required to be a DLT or DDP master.  The confusion often comes into play when authoring the DVD.  On many authoring systems, there is a check box to set the flag for CSS encryption on your master.  However, if you just export your master to DVDR, the extra information required to transmit the CSS Flag gets stripped away before getting on the master.  The only two masters that will hold the CSS Flag information is a DLT master or a DDP master.

What if you dont have the option to output to DLT or DDP? – At DVD Copycat we provide a service where we can convert your DVDR master to DDP for a one time fee.  This fee ranges from $300-450 depending on the number of layers on the master.  So if you do not have the hardware to output to DLT or DDP, we can provide a solution for you.

Basic #3: Extra Charges for Royalties – There is a one time fee of $150 for DVD Copycat to have the CSS encryption applied to your project.

There are also a few misconceptions when applying CSS that you will may hear from other replicators or DVD brokers.  Often they state that CSS is applied at the factory so there is no need to do any CSS master preparation.  It is true that CSS is applied at the factory, however, the only way to apply the CSS is to have a properly authored master with the CSS Check flag set.  There are no legal work-arounds to this requirement.

Overseas suppliers: In China there are very few factories that have CSS capability.  It is speculated that the cost to have this option is not justified in those factories.  We have seen different work-arounds from overseas suppliers, but if you want to do this legally, be sure to know your factory and make sure they hold an agreement with the controlling body of CSS.

If you have any other questions about DVD Copy protection and CSS Encryption, just give us a call at 866-210-8768 or email us at

We are always eager to earn new clients and would like to help you finish off your project by providing you a super solid, high quality DVD.

This content is written by Brian Fisher of DVD Copycat.


PAL vs NTSC DVD Basics

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For DVDs, there are two world wide standards that are followed for the video formatting of a DVD.  NTSC and PAL are these two standards.

There are a few distinctions between PAL DVDs and NTSC DVDs.

NTSC DVDs have a frame rate of 29.97 frames per second and have a screen resolutions of  720 X 480.  NTSC is the more widely used and accepted format for DVDs.

PAL DVDs have a frame rate of 25 frames per second and have a screen resolution of 720 X 576.  All PAL DVD players can also play NTSC DVDs, however, the converse is not true.  Most NTSC DVD players cannot play PAL DVDs.

It is for this reason that the best format choice to distribute your DVD project would be NTSC.

Most authoring platforms will author both NTSC and PAL DVDs, however, it is very difficult to convert one to the other once the format has been chosen.  The reasoning behind this is that the vertical resolution of an NTSC to PAL comparison is 480 to 576, so if conversion was to occur between the two formats, there would be some vertical squeezing or stretching of the video depending on which way the conversion went.  So you end up with people and objects that either look unusually tall or unusually short, or you will have to cut of some of the screen, all are un-natural looks.

So if you are deciding whether to create a project in PAL vs NTSC, your best bet is to shoot, edit and author all in the same format.  Mixing format, example: shooting in PAL and editing and authoring in NTSC will still result in a skewed perspective.

So know your format, your target audience, and choose accordingly.

If you have questions and would like to inquire about our DVD Authoring Services, Contact us today.  We would be happy to provide you with a great finished product.

Contact DVD Copycat

Written by:  Brian G Fisher

Continued Price Pressure Will not Compromise CD and DVD Quality

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This has been a very interesting year so far for DVD Copycat. In Jan of 09, we saw one of the worst months we have ever had. This seemed to be an industry wide experience as clients unsure of the economic downturn had a wait and see approach for new budgets in 09. After that things picked up to a reasonable level as the Industry Giants started promoting very agressive price reductions. Our current challenge has been how to continue our high level of service while going through the pains of shrinking margins. We are steadfastly commited to the quality of our DVD and CD Duplication and Replication products and even more commited to maintaining our level of customer service. Personalized service is just words these days in marketing campaigns. Our goal is to be able to provide a level of service that makes a genuine positive impact on our client base. Over the second quarter of 09 DVD Copycat has seen some good growth which I believe is a good indicator that service and attention is still valued, even in this economy.
Our pledge to our customer base is to alway preserve our standards of quality to make a positive impact on their projects while trying to stay within reasonable industry norms for pricing on DVD, CD and Blu-ray Replication and Duplication.

For More Information take a look at our website here optical disc manufacturing.
Or give us a call at 1-866-210-8768

Written by:  Brian G Fisher

Burn a Reliable Audio CD-R

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There are a couple of simple things to remember and implement when burning an audio CD.  The first is to alway use good blank CD-R media.  You usually get what you pay for, so buck up for some good media.  Sony, Verbatim, Taiyo Yuden, are three of the best.

Secondly, most people don’t know this, but when you burn an audio CD there is no self correction to the data writing.  This means that you have to be careful not to burn your discs while you have too many applications running.  Other applications will eat up memory and potentially cause a hiccup in you disc.  Also, you should burn your discs at 16X.  If you burn them at the default 48X or 52X you may burn them faster, but you run the risk of having a data error on you disc.

Following these simple steps should ensure that you have a robust, quality CD to play time and time again.

If you need more information on CD Duplication or DVD Duplication Services give us a call at:

DVD Copycat

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San Francisco, CA 94133



Written by:  Brian G Fisher

Blu-ray (BD) Replication Costs Coming Down

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Up until this point in time , Blu-ray manufacturing costs have been cost prohibitive for most smaller Video and Film Professionals.  Just one year ago if one of our clients wanted to publish 1000 retail ready blu-ray discs the rough costs would be approximately $2500 for the mandatory AACS encryption and about $5.50 per unit retail ready.   As the Blu-ray market develops we are seeing manufacturing costs becoming more reasonable and closer to being available to smaller Video and Film creatives.

Currently we are seeing AACS costs at a one time fee of $1500 and a cost of approximately $3.00 per unit for 1000 retail ready Blu-ray units.  Overall compared to last year this is about a 50% reduction in cost to our clients.

In contrast to this are standard definition DVDs which have no mandatory encryption fees and are approximately $1.29 per unit for 1000 retail ready DVDs.

So Blu-ray Replication is about $4.50 per unit for the first 1000 units and $3.00 after that per 1000.

DVD Replication conversly is still much more affordable at $1.29 per unit, but the general cost trends are coming down for Blu-ray Replication.

As Eric Manning pointed out to me in a previous post about the mandatory AACS fee, the Blu-ray Association has required all manufacturers to pay a mandatory AACS fee for every new title produced.  If the Blu-ray Association were to consider an AACS waiver for small producers it would open the flood gate for small producers to go Blu-ray (BD).  This is the only way that I can see Blu-ray Replication truly replacing DVD as a mainstream video medium for ALL video and film producers, not just the big studios.

However, I do feel that we are headed in the right direction. Costs are coming down and the 5% of our clients that can afford Blu-ray Replication can now realize their Hi-def vision.

More information about our San Francisco Bay Area Blu-ray Duplication and Replication can be found here.

If you have questions about standard def and DVD Duplication and Replication, contact us at 1-866-210-8768.

Written by:  Brian G Fisher

Solving your Blu-ray(BD-R) Burning Problems

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So you thought Blu-ray burning was easy?

Below is a Brief Intro Video about Blu-ray and pro-sumer systems for authoring and burning BD-Rs(blu-ray discs).  This reminds me a lot of DVD in its start-up phase.  It was very difficult to find systems and software that are reliable.  The best way to get past the Blu-ray blues is to realize that developing BD discs is going to be challenging and most video professionals will have to work as a community to “debug” this industry.  At some point things will shake out and we should have some good pro-sumer systems for delivering hi-def video on Blu-ray discs.


Below are some links to forums and help pages that discuss and debug High Definition Video and Blu-ray(BD) burning and duplication.  I belong to many of these forums and post regularly.  I hope this will help you in your quest to put out a great high definition project on Blu-ray Disc.

One of my favorites that is very thorough is the have many good topics has a good hi-def forum has a good forum on Blu-ray burning, pc, drives media and sofware

Digital Video Forums has a Blu-ray Forum

If you need duplications of your project look at our services on Blu-ray(BD) Duplicaton Serices

Or you can always contact me directly at 415-929-1581 for questions on Blu-ray Duplication

Written by:  Brian G Fisher

Welcome to our DVD, CD, BD Video Blog

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Written by:  Brian G Fisher

Blu-ray(BD) continues its march to adoption

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After CES this week the consensus from the Blu-ray bullish have continued to confirm adoption of this new Video Technology.
Despite the sagging economy, some in the industry are predicting a six fold increase in sales of Blu-ray(BD) discs and players.

I personally think that despite the online downloading potential in the coming years for Hi-def video, the general population likes to have something new and “gadgety” and fun to that they can possess. Blu-ray discs are seem to have a place in this gadget seeking behavior.

As more of the general population understand the benefits that Blu-ray offers, I believe the BD nay sayers will be surprised with the overall popularity and adoption of this new Video Format.

DVD Copycat

Written by:  Brian G Fisher

Merry Christmas – Successfull Year for CD & DVD Duplication

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To all of DVD Copycat’s business associates!

During a time of financial difficultly, I am humbled to say that DVD Copycat Inc. has done very well this year. We continue to grow aggressively and I can’t emphasize enough my most sincere thank-you to all of our customers and suppliers that have made this year a success. Between our customers, suppliers, and DVD copycat we form more than just a business mechanism, but a community of Business Professionals, Film, Video and Music individuals. It is this community that brings us to work everyday. To help promote and provide for great CD, DVD and Blu-ray(BD) projects.
Thanks very much for our 2008. I look forward to 2009!
Brian Fisher

DVD Copycat Inc.

Written by:  Brian G Fisher
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