New Ideal Trade Show Dual Flash Drive – Content plus Novelty for a Lasting Impression

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Trade Show

Standing Out in a Crowd – The art of a successful trade show depends on how many attendees you can attract to your booth and what type of lasting impression you leave them with. As a trade show exhibitor, the goal is always to find ways to stand out in a crowd and attract attention to your booth and products.

I have done literally hundreds of trade shows and as an experienced exhibitor, we used everything we could to attract attendees: product giveaways, show discounts, food, etc. ….  anything that will get a conversation going about our products.  It’s hard work especially knowing that just one contact could blossom into a gold mine in client purchases.

So what do you need to have an edge on your competition?

A New Novel Technology that Makes a Lasting Impression – Digital Copycat has the perfect newly released trade show product.  A small electronic dual flash drive that now works with both computer and android smartphones. It has 2 connectors on it, one for standard computers and one for android smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy series.  This drive can be branded with a company logo and loaded with the exhibitors promotional videos, brochures, etc.

dual flash drive for android phone

New Trade Show Flash Drive with Dual Connector for Android Smartphone and Computer

THE NOVELTY makes a lasting impression since it now works with smartphones and regular computers, and has your promotional video or brochure right on the drive.    A Dual Flash Drive like this that no one has seen yet will inspire further conversation and make the lasting impression you need as a trade show exhibitor.

Ultimately, however, final success is measured by how many contacts are made,  how many orders booked(if this was an order writing show) and the impression you left with those attendees. A significant part of that lasting impression will be based on the quality and use-ability of the flash drive.

The Right Drive is a Quality Drive – Unlike many ad specialty companies that sell cups and hats and mugs, Digital Copycat specializes solely in data delivery of optical media and Flash memory.  We  provide tier 1 memory made by Samsung, Toshiba or Micron and specify MLC NAND so you know you are getting the most robust flash drive product.

Dual Custom Flash Drive hand off at trade show 2

Our quality is backed by our US Based Technical Team – If you are on a tight deadline with your Data Load, Digital Copycat has an entire US based technical department to load your flash drive data just days before your show. No more need to have the data sent to China 3-4 weeks in advance.

So if you believe in your product and want to add a great new tool to your arsenal of Trade Show Weapons, remember these 3 keys to success.  1. A novel giveaway to make a lasting impression that delivers your marketing content digitally.  2. A high quality drive that will not fail and will look great.  3. A support staff in the US to make sure you are on time for your trade show.

For more information on the highest quality, most novel new flash drive in the market, you can learn more at our Dual Flash Drive for Android page here, or if you just need a great company to provide you with a superior product and service, you can get an instant online quote here on many of our most popular flash drive products.

Contact us for all other inquiries at -1.866-210-8768

Digital Copycat, Inc.

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San Francisco, CA 94133

See our recently released press release on this topic.



Quality Data Loading for your Bulk Flash Drives

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Having a hard time finding a supplier that can load your data correctly onto your flash drives?

When you purchase custom printed flash drives as promotional items and want data loading on the drive, there are several factors that make quality, consistency and accuracy in your data loads difficult.

The fundamental reason printed and data loaded drives, often referred to as “Custom Flash Drives” or “Promotional Flash Drives” can be un-reliable is that the chips used in many of these drives are purchased as a commodity from various sources worldwide.  A flash drive fundamentally operates through the marriage of 2 chips, the IC controller chip and the NAND memory Chip.  Once a flash drive is inserted into a computer, or smartphone, the IC controller chip performs the function of interfacing the computer with the NAND memory.  The IC controller “sees” the computer and allows the user to access the NAND memory chip.

Many companies that source custom printed and/or data loaded flash drives also source other promotional items through a large network of companies.  Most electronics of this fashion are sourced from a myriad of factories in China.  Often these companies are cost driven and know very little about what they are buying.  Low grade IC and NAND chips can be used with very little ability of the buyer to determine the quality grade of these chips and hence, the poor quality flash drives that work poorly have data loss, or have a high percentage of failure rates.

The only real way to control the purchase and sale of these chips is to have Domestic inspection and technological know-how on site in the United States.  Most complaints we here about are: failed and non-working drives, drives that have been made to look like larger capacity than they are, return policies that took months to receive warranty replacements from the factories in China.

This is why we have onsite technical expertise in our San Francisco facility.  We do most of our data loading in San Francisco and have on staff technicians that can reprogram faulty or defective drives at the IC controller level.  This way we avoid having to rely on engineers overseas that cannot prioritize our projects.  Also avoiding the long shipping cycle of having to send back units and have them reprogrammed in China.

Having this expertise and control over our own products gives us rapid response in the USA to address any problems or issues and gives us control over our products.

If you want it done well, and done right, contact us to purchase your next group of custom or promotional flash drives with data loads.  Call our flash drive experts here: 1-866-210-8768




Why are there so many Cheap and Defective Custom Printed Flash Drives Being Sold

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As a national supplier of bulk and printed flash drives, we ship a lot of flash memory. Most often, we print logos on the drives themselves and offer to do complex data loading and verification on the drives for our clients.  Guaranteeing a quality product is harder than you might think!

Common complaints from now Digital Copycat customers who purchased flash drives from other suppliers are:

Counterfeit Flash Memory: The flash memory is counterfeit, example, We ordered 8GB flash drives, when we put the drive into the computer, it shows 8GB free space, but then when trying to load the drive, there is only 1GB of space and when trying to data load beyond the 1GB we get an error message “drive is full, cannot load data”.

Drives that fail early or do not work at all: This is very complex problem that requires understanding of the Flash drive market in general. Most flash drives supplied in the world are assembled in China. There are two essential components that comprise the flash drive, 1. the controller chip which runs the interface and memory access of the drive and 2. the flash memory itself where the data is stored. Flash memory chips are largely considered a commodity that are bought and sold every day at different prices depending on the market forces of supply and demand.

Know the top flash fabricators: There are typically some very good name brand fabricators of Flash Memory which are common household names such as, Intel, Samsung, Toshiba, Micron Technology, Hynix, Sandisk, etc. These top tier suppliers of flash memory typically charge more for their chips as they are building a higher quality product that demands a higher price.

Avoid Generic Flash Memory Fabricators: Where there is typically a quality failure of the flash drive market in general, especially as it pertains to the ad specialty market where advertising companies are purchasing flash drives for give-aways, etc. is in the secondary market for flash memory. There are many many lower quality suppliers of flash memory. This memory is typically deemed as generic memory made by lower quality fabricators who are often focused solely on low cost. As an expert in the work of cost vs. quality sourcing, there is always a trade off here, and you get what you pay for.

Understand the quality level within the fabricators chip: The result is that a perceived 8GB flash drive, for example, could have many price points depending on the quality and type of chips being used. There is typically 3 types of flash memory used for this market. SLC, MLC and TLC. These acronyms stand for, Single Level Cell, Multi Level Cell and Triple Level Cell. As implied by the name, SLC can only store 1 bit of information per cell and has the highest cost but also has the best performance and endurance. Most often SLC is completely priced out of this market as too expensive. MLC can store 2 bits per cell and comes at a very nice sweet spot for price and performance. TLC is able to store three bits per cell which is great for reduced size, but comes at a significant performance and endurance degradation.

Solution: Ultimately, the best way to purchase good quality flash memory is to have a name brand chip with MLC technology.  This is the market “sweet spot” for great quality and a reasonable price.

Even the so called experts may not have an understanding of what they are buying and selling: Many of these ad specialty suppliers know very little about the drives they are buying. Typically sourcing the lowest cost product, and therefore the lowest quality. This is compounded by the fact that these companies are not experts in flash memory, so they have no way of verifying the quality of the chips they are buying. Many Chinese flash drive supply factories guarantee their quality, but fundamentally they have an understanding that few purchasers can truly evaluate the quality, and they take advantage of this as a collective industry as a whole. Failure rates of 10-15% on low quality chips are not uncommon and often many factories will inter-disperse high quality and low quality chips in their business model to save costs.

We have found this systemic failure to be common practice in many of these Chinese factories.

Why we are the best: At Digital Copycat, we do all of our data loading here in the States and verify each chip-set for Fabricator and Memory type. Our flash memory is more expensive, but as I have explained above, you cannot have both low price and great quality.

This is the way Digital Copycat can guarantee the very best quality flash drives without problems. We are flash memory experts and will make sure your project is a success.

For more information about buying bulk printed custom USB flash drives, contact us at 1-866-210-8768 or email us at Our contact page can also be found here.

New Dual Connector Flash Drives for the Android Smart Phone

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Introducing a new Flash Drive for Android smartphones


Dual Connector Flash Drive for Android Smartphone


Until recently, flash drives were used in conjunction with the standard Type A-USB port found on most laptop or desktop computers.  Transfer of data, video, pictures, and music were often done through USB-A connector devices.

Flash Drive with Standard USB A Connector

Flash Drive with Standard USB A Connector


With the rapid growth of the smartphone, consumers began to demand a standardized Micro-USB connector for their cell phones.  In 2007, cellular phone carriers met that demand by using the Micro-USB as the customary connection for data and power on mobile devices.  In October 2009, the International Telecommunication Union embraced the Micro-USB as well.

This standardization of Micro-USB connectors for non-Apple smartphones has caused many users to look for portable data storage solutions for their phones.  They want the convenience of not having to connect to their computer to upload or download files.


Android Micro-USB Flash Drive – Dual Connector

The Micro-USB Flash Drive for Android phones is the answer to their prayers.  It uses flash memory coupled with a Micro-USB connector.  This means it can connect right into digital devices such as smartphones, tablets and most current portable OTG (On-the-Go) devices.  Many Android smartphones utilize OTG (On-the-Go) technology which enables the phone to recognize the Micro-USB Flash Drive as an external memory device.

The Flash Drive with Micro-USB port is perfect for transferring and storing data files such as video.  These files are very large, so it would be time consuming and expensive to transfer them via a cellular connection.


There was a limited number of Micro-USB flash drives for smartphones produced in 2013.  Digital Copycat has introduced the first 2 Dual Connector Flash Drives for the Android Phone.

For more information about this product, you can call one of our product specialists at 1-866-210-8768 or write the owner, Brian Fisher, directly at

Local Data Loading in USA for your Custom Flash Drives

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So you ordered some flash drives from a USA based company that manufactures and loads the drive data in China.

Unfortunately, you needed to make a last minute change to the data, and now you are stuck with having to wait another 3 weeks to have the new data loaded and pay the costs associated with the overseas transport.

Digital Copycat can data load your Custom Printed Flash Drives as fast as 1 day prior to shipping from our USA location.

This means you have more time to prepare your data and if you are in a time crunch, you can order the drives in advance and we will have them waiting here in our USA facility ready for your last minute data delivery for loading and shipping.

So take advantage of our local data loading services and save yourself a real headache.

For more information on Custom Flash Drives see our Flash Drive Page here.



USB KEY Flash Drive – What is it?

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The term “USB Key” or “USB Flash Drive Key” has different commercial meaning and applications.  This can be confusing when trying to figure out if a USB Key is what you are looking for.

Below are three common definitions that are commonly used when the terms USB Key.

Key Shaped USB Flash Drives

– Its just the shape of the drive: Many flash drive manufacturers provide a physical flash drive that is in the shape of a key. Its sole purpose is to function as a standard, un-protected flash drive that looks like a key. These can often be used as a promotional flash drive item that has data on it, say for example, software for a game. Once you have the key in your hand, you plug it into your computer, and commence to play the game. Hence, a clever delivery device to give you the “key” to fun playing the game. Of course there are many other examples where this could be a clever marketing or promotional idea, car companies, software companies, etc.  When most are searching for a USB Key, this is typically not what they are looking for.

USB Key Dongle

002– The flash drive provides security or encryption to protect or allow access to data, software, games or the drive itself. Here the usb flash drive or similar USB device may or may not look like a key, however, it does function as an electronic “key” of sorts. When plugged into a computer, the flash drive interfaces with installed software or cloud based software to give copy protection and provide authentication for use of software. Without the dongle, the software may only run in a limited fashion or not at all. Since it is harder to replicate the dongle that the actual software, it can provide significant protection for Intellectual Property for companies that wish to securely distribute software, data and games.

Encrypted USB Flash Drive

EF-PL012a– Here a USB Flash Key is is a flash drive with content protection provided to secure the data on the flash drive. In some cases the design of the drive is made to fit on a key ring so the user can keep better track of it. To access data on the drive a password is used. When inserting the flash drive into a computer, you must have a password to see and use the data on the drive. This is one of the most widely used functions for USB Key flash drives. It has significant consumer appeal as many people use flash drives to move personal data around, and may loose the drive. If an unknown party finds the drive, they will not be able to gain access to the data on the drive without the proper password.

Digital Copycat provides products and support for all three versions of USB Key Flash Drive products mentioned above.   For more information on how to purchase, please take a look at our USB Key Flash Drive pages or contact us.  We are always eager to help connect clients with solutions.

How to Choose the right Grade of Memory for your Custom Printed Flash Drives

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Sourcing and buying Flash Drive Memory can be a difficult task. When it comes to manufacturing flash memory, there are many different grades, manufacturers and products. Most first time buyers, and even some experienced buyers, will not even realize that there is such a disparity in the quality of these different flash memory items. Some buyers even get duped into buying counterfeit flash drives.

The easiest way to help sort through the facts about flash drives is to think about flash memory in these layman’s terms.

In general I like to lump flash memory into 4 categories.

Category 1. – Grade A Flash Memory

– (Used in our Premium Line of Flash Drives.)
In general this is the best memory on the market. The chip-set used it typically made by a premier memory maker like Samsung, Toshiba or Intel. Similar memory is used in the Apple Iphone and other quality smart phones. None of the components inside the drive are generic or recycled, and the speed of these drives are typically the fastest and this product comes with a Lifetime Warranty. The benefits of this memory are for application like critical data or memory that must be 100% reliable for the long run. I myself am a Premium Grade promoter, because its the most trouble free and reliable memory that comes with no headaches or hassles. Typically this memory is about 10% more expensive than our Standard Grade Memory. Our Grade A memory memory is manufactured in an ISO 9001:2008 certified factory.

Category 2. – Grade B Flash memory

-(Used in our Standard Grade Memory Line.)
This again is a very reliable product, however, it is a step down from the Premium Grade Flash Drives.   The chip-set present in this memory will typically be manufactured from a lower tier manufacturer and is often comprised of some generic or recycled components. You will see a reduction in speed on these drives and the memory is backed by a 1 year warranty. This memory is absolutely perfect for the marketing person or advertising agency that wants to use flash drives as a promotional item with a lower budget in mind. This memory to last and run well, but it does not have the exceptional speed and lifespan of the Premium Grade Flash Memory. Our Grade B memory is also manufactured in an ISO-9001:2008 certified factory.

Category 3. – Grade C Flash memory

– which we do not sell, but you will see this memory on the market from other suppliers. Grade C memory is often made with generic and recycled components and typically offers no warranty. I am not even sure why this product is purchased anywhere, but if you are on a very tight budget and are feeling risky, this might be the memory for you.

Category 4. – Counterfeit Flash Memory

– Here is where you can get in some hot water. Buyer Beware! If the price seems to be to good to be true, it probably is. It is not uncommon to run into this memory in the marketplace sold by un-scrupulous or un-savvy companies. Here is how the scam works – typically the larger the capacity the drive, the more costly the drive. So a 32GB Premium Grade drive may cost $55/unit where a 2GB Drive of the same quality may be $6-$8. A common counterfeiting practice is to manufacture a lower capacity drive, say a 2GB drive, but manipulate the label info on the drive to indicate that it is 32GB. Upon first glance when putting this drive into a computer, you will see 32GB of space, however, when you actually try to load more than the 2GB of data, the drive will show full or fail.

Unfortunately I have heard of this practice many times, so buyer beware. If the price you have received for your Custom Printed Flash Drives seems too good to be true, it probably is.

I hope this has been helpful for anyone who is deciding on buying flash memory. It’s really not that complicated once it is clearly explained.

If you need more information and want to purchase some custom printed flash drives or need data loads for your previously purchased drives, just contact us here and we will have a flash drive expert answer your questions and take your order.

Custom Flash Drives | Pros and Cons v. Optical Media

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Custom Printed Flash Drives have become a more widely used physical media for distributing digital content.   When you want to pysically deliver your digital content, we are seeing a small percentage of clients move away from DVDs and CDs.  When deciding whether or not Custom USB Flash Drives are right for you, there are  some common pros and cons to consider which we have outlined below.


Compact and Faster:  Flash Drives are small and compact.  They are easy to distribute and also have a data transfer rate faster than the conventional CD or DVD counterpart. They are also perceived as a more elegant and simple delivery solution.

Larger Capacity: USB Flash drives can typically store anywhere from 512K to 32GB.  If the data you are distributing is more than 4.4 GB(the data storage capacity of a single layer DVD) the Flash Drive is an ideal solution.  We have clients who regularly distribute 16GB or more data, which would previously been done on a 4 DVD set.

Re-usable: Flash Drives are reusable and can be rewritten to and erased.  The data can also be locked so it cannot be erased, but the remainder of the drive capacity can be formated to be re-used.  This way, your distributed content is always present on the drive as the end user uses the drive for other data and storage needs.


Cost:  In general, Flash Drives are a more costly solution than optical media.  Particularly when distributing 500 units or more, the cost of a typical CD might be $1 per unit, where a 512MB custom printed flash drive with the data pre-loaded would be around $4 per unit.   This cost differential becomes very wide when you are at quantities of 5K or more.  There the price differential can be 40-50 cents per CD vs. $3.50 per unit for Flash Drives.  As the quantity needed, however, decreases, and say for example 100 CDs were needed vs. the flash drives, 100 CDs would be approx $3.00 per unit, where a comparable flash drive might be around $5.00 unit.


Overall Comparison Summary : Overall, USB Flash Drive costs have been steadily decreasing and with this continuing trend they will continue to gain in popularity for data storage and distribution. Cost is really the main determining factor against chosing flash drives. We do not see costs being equal for larger runs, 500 units or more, but at lower quantities, at some point, flash drives will be a more economical solution while also providing a more compact, flexible and reusable solution for physical data delivery.

DVD Copycat provides and extensive selection of over 200 styles of custom flash drives and also provides data loading services if you already have the drives and just need data loads.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding Custom Printed USB Flash Drives, CDs, DVD or Bluray discs.  We are always here to help our client get the best product delivered on time.


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