New Ideal Trade Show Dual Flash Drive – Content plus Novelty for a Lasting Impression

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Trade Show

Standing Out in a Crowd – The art of a successful trade show depends on how many attendees you can attract to your booth and what type of lasting impression you leave them with. As a trade show exhibitor, the goal is always to find ways to stand out in a crowd and attract attention to your booth and products.

I have done literally hundreds of trade shows and as an experienced exhibitor, we used everything we could to attract attendees: product giveaways, show discounts, food, etc. ….  anything that will get a conversation going about our products.  It’s hard work especially knowing that just one contact could blossom into a gold mine in client purchases.

So what do you need to have an edge on your competition?

A New Novel Technology that Makes a Lasting Impression – Digital Copycat has the perfect newly released trade show product.  A small electronic dual flash drive that now works with both computer and android smartphones. It has 2 connectors on it, one for standard computers and one for android smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy series.  This drive can be branded with a company logo and loaded with the exhibitors promotional videos, brochures, etc.

dual flash drive for android phone

New Trade Show Flash Drive with Dual Connector for Android Smartphone and Computer

THE NOVELTY makes a lasting impression since it now works with smartphones and regular computers, and has your promotional video or brochure right on the drive.    A Dual Flash Drive like this that no one has seen yet will inspire further conversation and make the lasting impression you need as a trade show exhibitor.

Ultimately, however, final success is measured by how many contacts are made,  how many orders booked(if this was an order writing show) and the impression you left with those attendees. A significant part of that lasting impression will be based on the quality and use-ability of the flash drive.

The Right Drive is a Quality Drive – Unlike many ad specialty companies that sell cups and hats and mugs, Digital Copycat specializes solely in data delivery of optical media and Flash memory.  We  provide tier 1 memory made by Samsung, Toshiba or Micron and specify MLC NAND so you know you are getting the most robust flash drive product.

Dual Custom Flash Drive hand off at trade show 2

Our quality is backed by our US Based Technical Team – If you are on a tight deadline with your Data Load, Digital Copycat has an entire US based technical department to load your flash drive data just days before your show. No more need to have the data sent to China 3-4 weeks in advance.

So if you believe in your product and want to add a great new tool to your arsenal of Trade Show Weapons, remember these 3 keys to success.  1. A novel giveaway to make a lasting impression that delivers your marketing content digitally.  2. A high quality drive that will not fail and will look great.  3. A support staff in the US to make sure you are on time for your trade show.

For more information on the highest quality, most novel new flash drive in the market, you can learn more at our Dual Flash Drive for Android page here, or if you just need a great company to provide you with a superior product and service, you can get an instant online quote here on many of our most popular flash drive products.

Contact us for all other inquiries at -1.866-210-8768

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Why are there so many Cheap and Defective Custom Printed Flash Drives Being Sold

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As a national supplier of bulk and printed flash drives, we ship a lot of flash memory. Most often, we print logos on the drives themselves and offer to do complex data loading and verification on the drives for our clients.  Guaranteeing a quality product is harder than you might think!

Common complaints from now Digital Copycat customers who purchased flash drives from other suppliers are:

Counterfeit Flash Memory: The flash memory is counterfeit, example, We ordered 8GB flash drives, when we put the drive into the computer, it shows 8GB free space, but then when trying to load the drive, there is only 1GB of space and when trying to data load beyond the 1GB we get an error message “drive is full, cannot load data”.

Drives that fail early or do not work at all: This is very complex problem that requires understanding of the Flash drive market in general. Most flash drives supplied in the world are assembled in China. There are two essential components that comprise the flash drive, 1. the controller chip which runs the interface and memory access of the drive and 2. the flash memory itself where the data is stored. Flash memory chips are largely considered a commodity that are bought and sold every day at different prices depending on the market forces of supply and demand.

Know the top flash fabricators: There are typically some very good name brand fabricators of Flash Memory which are common household names such as, Intel, Samsung, Toshiba, Micron Technology, Hynix, Sandisk, etc. These top tier suppliers of flash memory typically charge more for their chips as they are building a higher quality product that demands a higher price.

Avoid Generic Flash Memory Fabricators: Where there is typically a quality failure of the flash drive market in general, especially as it pertains to the ad specialty market where advertising companies are purchasing flash drives for give-aways, etc. is in the secondary market for flash memory. There are many many lower quality suppliers of flash memory. This memory is typically deemed as generic memory made by lower quality fabricators who are often focused solely on low cost. As an expert in the work of cost vs. quality sourcing, there is always a trade off here, and you get what you pay for.

Understand the quality level within the fabricators chip: The result is that a perceived 8GB flash drive, for example, could have many price points depending on the quality and type of chips being used. There is typically 3 types of flash memory used for this market. SLC, MLC and TLC. These acronyms stand for, Single Level Cell, Multi Level Cell and Triple Level Cell. As implied by the name, SLC can only store 1 bit of information per cell and has the highest cost but also has the best performance and endurance. Most often SLC is completely priced out of this market as too expensive. MLC can store 2 bits per cell and comes at a very nice sweet spot for price and performance. TLC is able to store three bits per cell which is great for reduced size, but comes at a significant performance and endurance degradation.

Solution: Ultimately, the best way to purchase good quality flash memory is to have a name brand chip with MLC technology.  This is the market “sweet spot” for great quality and a reasonable price.

Even the so called experts may not have an understanding of what they are buying and selling: Many of these ad specialty suppliers know very little about the drives they are buying. Typically sourcing the lowest cost product, and therefore the lowest quality. This is compounded by the fact that these companies are not experts in flash memory, so they have no way of verifying the quality of the chips they are buying. Many Chinese flash drive supply factories guarantee their quality, but fundamentally they have an understanding that few purchasers can truly evaluate the quality, and they take advantage of this as a collective industry as a whole. Failure rates of 10-15% on low quality chips are not uncommon and often many factories will inter-disperse high quality and low quality chips in their business model to save costs.

We have found this systemic failure to be common practice in many of these Chinese factories.

Why we are the best: At Digital Copycat, we do all of our data loading here in the States and verify each chip-set for Fabricator and Memory type. Our flash memory is more expensive, but as I have explained above, you cannot have both low price and great quality.

This is the way Digital Copycat can guarantee the very best quality flash drives without problems. We are flash memory experts and will make sure your project is a success.

For more information about buying bulk printed custom USB flash drives, contact us at 1-866-210-8768 or email us at Our contact page can also be found here.

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